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Meet the Creatives: Santiago Brotons

Meet the Creatives is our blog serie where we present one of our great photographers or stylists being the actual heads behind Fantastic Frank’s images. We particularly want to show more of what inspires them, so we asked them a couple of questions about their work and let them choose some of their favorite pictures that represent their work outside of Fantastic Frank. Next one out: Santiago Brotons!

Santiago Brotons

1   Role at Fantastic Frank?

Interior stylist

2   Favorite designer right now?

I very much like to support young designers as they represent our present and the future. But I always keep my faith to the classics like Piero Fornasetti.

3   Dream styling-place/apartment/house

My apartment in Berlin is my dream styling place. I love a space with some character and good proportions. It’s the perfect blank canvas where I can play around. It’s a constantly changing space. There is not a day that I don’t change something.

4. The coolest place you have done up until now? 

Leberstrasse in Berlin Schöneberg. I like the idea of showing the potential that is hidden in a space by styling it. When I finished styling this one, I really didn’t want to leave!

5   A moment worth remembering during your time as a creative/architect/interior stylist? 

Being part of the renovation of Salnecke Slott close to Uppsala, Sweden. I’m a big supporter of rescuing older houses, especially if the aim is to create a home.

6 What is your preferred detail to change in an apartment? 

Each space has a different story to tell. From the very first moment I step in, a pleasant dialogue starts. This is the key to find the perfect balance and make each room unique. 

7. What do you do to make an apartment trendy this winter?

Deep wall colors, fair wood furniture, chrome details and plants, lots of plants. But above all, keep true to your gut when it comes to choosing the pieces you live with! 

8. When are you satisfied with a job?

My answer is: I am a perfectionist

9.   Favorite urban district?

Saint Germain in Paris

Want to see more of Santiago? Follow his hugely popular instagram account: Mr. Brotons

Field Santiago Brotons Stylist Berlin Fantastic Frank Bed Santiago Brotons Stylist Berlin Fantastic FrankFlower Santiago Brotons Stylist Berlin Fantastic Frank NON Santiago Brotons Stylist Berlin Fantastic Frank Santiago Brotons Stylist Berlin Fantastic Frank water Santiago Brotons Stylist Fantastic Frank Berlin

Santiago Brotons Stylist Berlin Fantastic Frank

Santiago Brotons

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