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Fantastic Frank x Sleek Art

To continue our ongoing flirt with art and interior design, that we started last fall with a short art guide, we are now teaming up with Berlin-based Sleek-Art to further explore the topic of art in your home. Launched on 17 September 2014, Sleek-Art is an online art platform dedicated to curating and promoting a highly selective collection of artwork. Curated by Sleek Magazine, the platform brings the publication’s 12 years of art world expertise directly to collectors. In the next five months we will launch a short interview series in collaboration with Sleek Art, starting with an interview of Berlin-based Amy Binding, editor at Sleek Magazine.


What is your role at Sleek?

I am the collaborations manager at Sleek-Art, looking after and expanding the special and unique partnerships that support Sleek-Art. I am also the Picture Editor for Sleek Magazine.

What is your motivation to sell art online?

We believe that behind every great piece of artwork there is a great story: it is with these insights into the lives of artists, collectors and curators that we offer a unique new way to buy art. The site is also carefully curated by Sleek Magazine to bring the platform the magazine’s 12 years of art world expertise to the homes and collections of art enthusiasts. 

What can art do to your home/life?

Collecting artwork is not just a matter of investment, but also a matter of passion! What’s better than surrounding yourself in your home and/or your daily space with objects and artwork that evoke a deep emotional bond?

Who is your personal favourite artist?

It’s hard to say as there are so many that I find interesting on the site! However, through my role as Picture Editor for Sleek Magazine, I am lucky to work with many new and exciting upcoming photographers such as Maxime Ballesteros, Peter Kaaden, and Shingo Yoshida. I also really love the textures and forms found in the works of Tomasz Kobialka and Louise Gibson and how they work with and manipulate found objects and materials.

Why do you want to collaborate with Fantastic Frank?

Both FantasticFrank and Sleek-Art appreciate great photography and artwork, and know the importance of having it surrounding you in the place you call home. Together with Fantastic Frank, Sleek-Art can bring a new artistic dimension to each property; filling the walls with stories of artists from around the world.

What to expect in the future?

We have a lot of interesting projects in the pipeline! We’re going to be working especially close with leading hotels and art fairs to bring off the net and into real life! 

5 selected artworks by Sleek-Art-artists:

Sleek Art_Fantastic Frank_Drew Simpson_photographySleek Art_Fantastic Frank_HUBERT CRABIÈRES_photography Sleek Art_Fantastic Frank_Kent Andreasen_Photography Sleek Art_Fantastic Frank_MAZACCIO DROWILAL_photography Sleek Art_Fantastic Frank_TOMASZ KOBIALKA_photography

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