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Meet the Creatives: Magnus Pettersson

Meet the Creatives is our new blogseries, where we on a monthly basis will present one of our great photographers and stylists being the actual heads behind Fantastic Frank’s images. We particularly want to show more of what inspires them to take those pictures from a certain angle or place the furniture the way they do. So, we asked them a couple of questions about their work as a photographer or stylist and let them choose some of their favorite pictures that represent their work outside of Fantastic Frank. Next one out: Magnus Pettersson!

Meet Magnus

1   Role at Fantastic Frank? Photographer

2   Dream camera & the one you actually use? Canon 5dMKIII, with 35mm, 50mm & 24-70mm. Dreamcamera I don’t know, but to be able to take more analogue shots would feel pretty special, so a Linhof Technika 4×5” is kind of a dream.

3   Dream photo shoot & the coolest you have done up until now? All shoots that take me out in the wide world. The coolest shoots must have been that i have been taking around the world and all people I have been while doing that. 

4   A moment worth remembering during your time as a photographer? When we worked for an entire night, 8-9 hours in the woods far up in the north of Sweden in minus 35°C. Never felt so cold. We stopped when my friend’s nose was frozen and turned black. 

5   Favorite component in an object? Light, beautiful light, and people. People in light. 

6   Favorite urban district? Neukölln Berlin, a bubbling culture clash. Living here right now and have my studio here as well. 

7   What is your preferred detail to change in an apartment? The light. Change it, put it on/off, reflect or angle it. 

8   What can you change in the post-production of your photographs? That totally depends on how could you are at editing, you can virtually change everything you want. I just try to straighten up angles and keep the perspective. It is important to show how beautiful the object actually is. 

9   What makes you release the shutter? Curiosity

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