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Meet The Creatives: First one out, Andy Liffner!

Meet the Creatives is our new blogseries, where we on a monthly basis will present one of our great photographers and stylists being the actual heads behind Fantastic Frank’s images. We particularly want to show more of what inspires them to take those pictures from a certain angle or place the furniture the way they do. So, we asked them a couple of questions about their work as a photographer or stylist and let them choose some of their favorite pictures that represent their work outside of Fantastic Frank. First one out: Andy Liffner!

Meet Andy

1   Role at Fantastic  Frank? Photographer

2   Dream camera & the one you actually use? Sinar ArTec (dream camera) & shoots with Nikon d800 today

3   Dream photo shoot & the coolest you have done up until now? Casa Malaparte; Waiting for Casa Malaparte

4   A moment worth remembering during your time as a photographer? When I dropped my camera on a cliff and it got stuck 20 cm above the water

5   Favorite component in an object?  Tree (especially the dwarfed pine tree) & infrastructure

6   Favorite urban district? Oltrarno (Florence)

7   What is your preferred detail to change in an apartment? Turn off the lights 

8   What can you change in the post-production of your photographs?  Well,  I probably  could change everything, but I prefer a modest editing 

9   What makes you release the shutter? Daylight




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