Fantastic Frank Berlin

Verfolge Fantastic Franks Reise nach Berlin I Follow Fantastic Frank's journey to Berlin

Selected Interiors #4 | Hem for Fantastic Frank

This weeks finest interior design photographs from Berlin.

The apartment located in the building from the turn of the century is styled by our new talented stylist Claudia Reimann and photographed by Berlin-based photographer Magnus Pettersson. Furniture and accessories are provided by Scandinavian Design Brand Hem, bed linen by Dirty Linen & art by online art shop Arrivals.

Waldstraße 17

Schlafzimmer Dirty Linen Hem Arrivals Altbau Kunst Fantastic Frank ImmobilienagenturSeife Fantastic Frank Immobilienagentur Küche Hem Bente Arrivals Kunst DIY Fantastic Frank ImmobilienagenturKunst Arrivals Altbau Spiegel Dirty LInen Fantastic Frank ImmobilienagenturBlumen Waldstrasse Fantastic Frank Immobilienagentur   Badezimmer Badeschaum Fantastic Frank Immobilienagentur  Küche Gemüse Fantastic Frank Immobilienagentur Hem Wohnzimmer Sessel Arrivals Fantastic Frank Immobilienagentur Hem Regal Kunst Fantastic Frank Immobilienagentur Zeitung Hem Teppich Hocker Fantastic Frank Immobilienagentur Treppenhaus Fantastic Frank Immobilienagentur _77C4294

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