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How to choose art for your own walls – a short guide by Fantastic Frank x Arrivals

We are happy to have had lots of beautiful art pieces by the Swedish art online shop Arrivals arriving in our Berlin office, which will be exhibited here for the upcoming month:


In line with this collaboration we together developed a short guide on …

How to choose art for your own walls at home: Fantastic Frank x Arrivals

1. Theme

Try to find a red line through the works you choose. That can either be found in the shape of the objects the art is portraying, the color scheme or in the story of the image.

2. Painting or Photography

You can of course go either or, but in case you want to combine, try to find matching elements or complementary color schemes  in the different art works to bring forward the nicest features of the other respectively.

3. Abstract or figurative

Figurative work can be amazing, but remember to give it space and room on your walls. It needs attention  in order to shine. Abstract work might be easier to combine with elements of your interiors and furniture. Look for common/complementary shapes and colors.

4. Color

Art can be a great way to spice up a simple and minimalistically furnished flat. Choose colors that create contrasts in the apartment and take attention. When going for less contrast and a color scheme closer to the remaining furniture, beware of it all floating together to sandy and grey tones. Instead mix a warm and cold color or try to match the exact tone.

5. Space

Although walls filled with lots of varieties of art in spectacular vintage frames can give your apartment an artsy touch, don’t be afraid to choose a more minimalist alternative. Sometimes one big art piece can make the room bigger and gives you the chance to get inspired by building up a relationship with your new eye candy and artist.


Stop by to have a look at them within the next week or check out




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