Fantastic Frank Berlin

Verfolge Fantastic Franks Reise nach Berlin I Follow Fantastic Frank's journey to Berlin

&Tradition for Fantastic Frank

Not only did the short visit from our Stockholm-based Stylist Sofie Ganeva last week bring us a lot of inspiration and ideas for the upcoming fall, we also managed to completely re-decorate our office at Torstraße. We now have a little lounge/showroom in the front where we have the possibility to show pieces and artwork provided by our collaboration partners. First out is a selection by The Danish design company &Tradition, who just recently opened the doors to their amazing showroom at Papirøen in Copenhagen.

&Tradition for Fantastic Frank Berlin

&Tradition & Fantastic Frank&Tradition for Fantastic Frank Berlin


&Tradition showroom Papirøen Copenhagen. For more pictures of the showroom: &Tradition Instagram.

&Tradition Show Room Papiroen Copenhagen



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