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Styling with Jacob Reischel

For our last styling we grabbed the two girls from the design team Jacob Reischel. They work with all kinds of visual arts – from still lifes of cosmetics to the creation of lookbooks for fashion labels.  We challenged them to furnish and style a newly built 125 sqm terrace apartment next to a palace garden.  One of our favorites are the wrinkled sheets in the bedroom as well as the interplay of the color black and the wooden desk and floor in the study room. Oh, and no to forget the amazing racing car model for kids. Most of the furniture comes from Stephanie Jasny and minimum used, blended with private pieces from Marie and Julia. Here are our best of pics: 


Styling: Marie Jacob & Julia Strathmann
Photo: Magnus Pettersson
Architekturbüro: S3A
Fantastic_Frank_Marmor Fantastic_Frank_vintage Fantastic_Frank_Wohnzimmer_Schlosspark Fantastic_Frank_Schlafzimmer_Schlosspark

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