Fantastic Frank Berlin

Verfolge Fantastic Franks Reise nach Berlin I Follow Fantastic Frank's journey to Berlin

Dream on – Greifswalder Strasse 207

Some might now have seen it yet, some might can’t get enough of it. 7 rooms in a breath-taking old building in Prenzl’ Berg, Berlin:

All pics here. Photo by: Magnus Pettersson. Styled by: Christina Smyles.

Eingang_Greifswalder_strasse_fantasticfrankRelax_Greifswalder_strasse_fantasticfrankFlügeltüren_Greifswalder_strasse_fantasticfrankSchlafzimmer II_Greifswalder_strasse_fantasticfrankWohnzimmer_Greifswalder_strasse_fantasticfrankAltbau_Greifswalder_strasse_fantasticfrankGranatapfel_Greifswalder_strasse_fantasticfrankEdelstahlküche_Greifswalder_strasse_fantasticfrank

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